If you want to give your car, truck or bike that added boost of speed, Aeroflow parts can help. Designed to increase power without adding too much additional weight and well-known for excellent reliability, we are a leading provider of Aeroflow performance parts in Canberra. Whether you’re looking for automotive plumbing, fuel systems, hoses or a related after-sales modification, we can usually source what you’re looking for, often for a highly competitive price.

Performance products that offer dependable service

Performance parts need to be able to cope with punishing use, which is why using products from well-known manufacturers is recommended. We offer performance car parts from Aeroflow because we’ve found them to be competitively priced at the same time as offering exceptional performance and reliability. The range includes electrical accessories, air filter, fuel systems, hardline fittings, fabrication, exhaust accessories and more. Whether you’re looking for a single component or are considering undertaking a complete engine modification, we can supply the parts you need to get the job done properly, often for far less than you might think.

Advice on installing performance car parts

We love our vehicles here and have plenty of experience in fitting after-sales parts and systems. If you’re not sure which products are going to be right for your intended purpose, need assistance in working out whether a particular component is going to be right for the make and model of your vehicle, or could simply do with some assistance when it comes to ensuring correct fitting, our friendly, knowledgeable team are here to help. We can advise on suitable solutions for drag racing, road racing and more – just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Innovative performance parts that give you more

We are Aeroflow dealers because we recognise that they offer several advantages over competitors. Made in Australia from high-quality materials, considerable technical research and development goes into each component. Hi-tech, lightweight materials such as Kryptalon, Kevlar and more result in cutting-edge products that can cope with whatever you throw at them. All Aeroflow products are extensively tested for safety, ensuring they comply with tough Australian industry standards.

We are a specialist company that provides after-market accessories and auto-systems that enable you to customise your vehicle exactly as you wish. Our range includes a wide variety of parts that are compatible with most makes and models. Please contact us to find out more.